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Then you are on the right page. Your Best Move Fullerton offers a wide range of moving and packing services for homeowners and businesses that need to move locally or across long distances without compromising on reliability, cost or speed. In addition to being hired for our expertise and experience in the moving business, our workforce consists of specialists who have passed through an extensive background check. Moreover, we are fully insured and authorized to operate in the Fullerton area, making us the best choice for many of our clients.

Why Hire Us
Best Move Fullerton is one of the reliable moving companies you can find in the Fullerton area. However, that is not the only reason our clients have chosen our services every time. Here are some of the perks we offer homeowners and businesses that hire our services.

Experienced Workforce
Your Best Move Fullerton has professional crews and personnel who have collectively handled over 1,000 moves till date. We also have plenty of experience handling valuables, antiques, and fragile goods, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and secure throughout the move.

Top-of-the-Line Specialized Equipment
We cut no corners to deliver the best service. This is why our crew uses only the best equipment, including special equipment for Fragile Items and protecting your possessions from special weather conditions.

Safety of Goods Guaranteed
We guarantee that your belongings will reach your destination safe and sound, the same way they were loaded onto our trucks. Our track record and a growing client list will vouch for our service and expertise.

Reliable Service
Our clients’ appreciation and decision to choose us every time they move testify to our reliability. Therefore, when we say we will make your move easy, trust us to deliver on our promise and get your things to their destination safely, quickly and with minimal hassle.

Insurance Coverage on Your Belongings
Without the help of a moving company like your Best Move Fullerton, there is always a chance that your belongings may not reach their destination in one piece. However, not only do we prevent damage to your furniture, valuables, etc., we offer our clients insurance to cover their losses. We are yet to pay clients for damaged goods, though, as our expert movers know how to ensure the safety of clients’ possessions from the minute they are packed and until they are dropped off at their new homes or offices.

Fair Price
Compared to other moving companies in Fullerton, we charge very reasonable prices for our services. Combining high quality packing, storage and moving services with the fairest price rates make us your best option.

Zero Stress
Moving is not easy; the process can be quite stressful, especially if you plan on moving fragile, valuable items. Trusting us with moving your belongings will prevent stress from undermining your health and allow you to enjoy being in your new home or office.

Less Time
Time is a valuable asset to both homeowners and business people. Because moving can affect your bottom line as well, we offer to move your possessions in the quickest time possible. Our affordable, air rates coupled with our excellent services make our clients’ time savings worthwhile.

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Commercial Moves

At Your Best Move Fullerton, we understand that moving presents its own set of challenges and difficulties. Commercial moves are especially tricky as they often require extra care while handling various items. This is especially true while packing and unpacking special equipment that needs to be properly dismantled and assembled according to their manufacturers’ instructions.

At Your Best Move Fullerton, we go the extra mile to ensure that your possessions are taken care of from the minute our crew reaches your home or office until they deliver your belongings. We understand how much value our clients place on their belongings, which is why we only have competent professionals handling your commercial moves and cut no corners to ensure the safety of your equipment, machinery, and other valuables throughout the moving process.

Why Opt for Commercial Moving Services
First off, there is a slight difference between commercial moves and simply moving an office or retail store. The former is mainly to help clients located on an industrial or commercial property.

There can be several reasons why you may decide to move commercially from one property to another. For instance, you may go through a merger with another company, need to ship some of your equipment to a new branch, face financial issues which force you to move to a smaller venue, or be ready to expand your business and occupy larger office space. Your Best Move Fullerton understands that each move has unique challenges associated with it, hence we are well-equipped to handle all moves.

Who Our Commercial Moving Services Can Benefit
We currently offer this service to the following members of the commercial sector.

We understand that an industrial move demands taking many factors into consideration. For instance, we know that we need to adhere to the safety regulations associated with moving hazardous industrial materials as well as the special equipment and machinery required their use. As the moving experts in Fullerton, we follow the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations at all times while transporting industrial items. Moreover, we are up-to-date on all the laws and regulations of industrial moves. We further welcome our clients’ input and guarantee following their instructions religiously.

Tractors, machines, wood items, even livestock frequently need to be moved for a variety of reasons. Regardless of what your reason may be, trust us to ensure the safety of whatever you need moved. We will even take care of your farm animals on the way, protecting them from weather elements and preventing them from growing anxious during long-distance moves.

Regardless of the size of your current office and your new one, trust our professionals to help you move effectively and without damaging your valuable equipment. Your computers, servers, furniture and other necessities will be expertly packed, moved and unpacked without wasting your valuable time and money. If you have special instructions on packing or transporting your equipment, do not hesitate to inform our crew.

Warehouse goods vary from robust materials to the most fragile items. Your Best Move Fullerton has ample experience to safely handle whichever type of products you currently store. We will take care of them according to your instructions and even insure them to guarantee the safety of your investment. However, only a few clients have had to claim their insurance coverage, which is why we can proudly state that we are your best and safest bet.

Hotel moves demand extra attention since the valuables of hotels and motels are quite fragile. As a simple dent can devalue their possessions, moving hotels’ items requires ample professionalism. Thankfully, our moving experts have handled hundreds of hotel moves, making them the first choice of many hoteliers in Fullerton. We also know how to take care of all the decorative items as well as heavy equipment from the minute they are packed until they are assembled. Therefore, do not hesitate to try our hotel moving services.

Medical Centers
Medical centers like hospital, clinics or pharmaceutical companies rely on our services the most because they need to securely move their expensive, fragile tools and machinery. As reliable movers with over a decade of experience, we also keep all our clients’ data private during the transition. As a result, you have nothing to worry about, regardless of whether you need your equipment moved locally or inter-city.The Cost of Commercial Moves at Your Best Move Fullerton

We do not offer a fixed price because we do not provide a one-size-fits-all service. The amount we quote to our clients depends on factors such as:
▪ Quality and quantity of equipment
▪ Distance between the source and destination
▪ Special handling or moving regulations
▪ Weight of the material
▪ Services provided
However, we negotiate a fair deal with all of our customers regardless of whether they are homeowners or business owners. Therefore, feel free to discuss the amounts we quote to you.

The Process of Commercial Moves
Your Best Move Fullerton has a very transparent way of conducting business. When a potential client contacts us, we send one of our experts to estimate – with your help of course –what needs to be moved and how. We also go over any special regulations or handling procedures that we need to follow and can even suggest a few measures from personal experience.

Next, we will send you a work plan and a checklist, two documents you should adhere to so that we can effectively move your belongings without forgetting any item or risking its damage. On the moving day, we will pack, load, move, unload, and then unpack your items as per your instructions and the type of service you select.
Your Best Move Fullerton offers the best quality with very reasonable prices. If you need to relocate your business, call us now at +1 714 519 2480.

Residential Movers

Some homeowners may become too attached to their soon-to-be previous homes. The good times they had there may make it difficult for them to focus properly on moving. On the other hand, some may be moving to better homes, hastily packing whatever they can get their hands on. In both cases, you way forget some belongings behind or end up damaging your valuables as you pack.
At Your Best Move Fullerton, we understand the sentiments of our clients, which is why we offer them the chance to move safely, quickly, and properly.
Why Opt for Residential Moving Services
There are a variety of reasons why people decide to change residences and move. Some of the popular reasons our clients shared with us over the years include:
Coming Across Money
You may have come across some money and decided to invest it in a better place or even your own home. Whether you won a lottery, got a better job or received a considerable inheritance, we can make your move to your new home easier and quicker.
Moving to a Bigger or smaller Residence
Perhaps your previous residence is now small for you or your loved ones. If you can afford a bigger place, we can help you move into it with ease. Whether you are moving from an apartment to a house or from an urban house to a suburban one, Your Best Move Fullerton is ready to help you move your belongings.
On the other hand, you may need a smaller residence now that finances are tight or your children are gone and busy leading new lives. Perhaps you are moving to a different city and the property is more expensive here. Whatever the case, we are here to help you speed up the moving process and allow you to focus on other aspects of your life.
Changes in Relationships
Moving in with a loved one, welcoming a new baby, or even ending a relationship can force you out of your current home and into a new one. Regardless of which of these changes have currently occurred in your life, trust Your Best Move Fullerton to help you relocate without much hassle. Your comfort is our goal, so trust us with your move completely.

Who Our Residential Moving Services Can Benefit
Our residential moving services are offered to homeowners and tenants who need to move from one property to another without having to worry about forgetting their belongings behind or damaging their valuables. We currently provide the following two types of services for those interested in residential moves.
Local Moves
Local moves are moves usually within a city. Any move where the destination and pickup location are located within a 20-mile radius is considered to be a local move. However, even a 5-mile move can appear to be intimidating for movers since all their belongings and valuables need to be packed, wrapped, loaded, unloaded and unpacked later. Your Best Move Fullerton understands how tedious these tasks may seem, which is why we offer to take them off your hands altogether. We have the best personnel and abide by a strict set of rules to make your move stress-free for you.
Non Local Moves
Moving across cities or states is usually taken care of through long distance moves. As this type of moving is even more difficult than its counterpart, we take extra care to ensure your comfort and the safety of your furniture, belongings, and valuables. Our professionals bring their A game to your soon-to-be-old home and ensure that they properly move your things across longer distances, while promising very affordable prices.
The Cost of Residential Moves at Your Best Move Fullerton
There are a few significant factors that determine the overall cost of our services. These include:
■ Distance being travelled
■ Weight of the items being moved
■ Number of items being moved
■ Packing/Unpacking fee
■ Shipping materials
■ Incidentals
The last three are up to our clients; you can choose not to avail and not to pay for these if you would like. Therefore, we do not have strict prices. Instead, we create quotes based on your needs and even offer our clients the chance to negotiate our quotes. However, rest assured that the prices we quote are highly competitive and completely reasonable.The Process of Residential Moves At Your Best Move Fullerton, we cut no corners to ensure premium moving services to our clients. That is why we take the time to extensively talk with them and plan to move their things. We welcome your ideas and advice so that we can customize our service according to your requirements. We also take measured to take care of all your furniture, wrapping it in blankets to avoid unsightly dents or scratches. Fragile items like glass and dishes are also given extra protection to ensure that they reach your new home safely.
Once the paperwork is ready and signed, we expect you to follow the plans that we had previously gone over with you so that there are no hiccups and hold ups on the moving day. We will pack and load your items and then unload them at your destination. We will also unpack them and help you place them if that is a part of our agreement.
Your Best Move Fullerton likes to make your transition as smooth as possible.
If you are moving your residence from one place to another, give us a call now at +1 714 519 2480. Trust only the best in Fullerton and you will definitely get more than your money’s worth.


Moving from one place to another entails a lot of challenges, many of which are related to packing and unpacking all the items being moved. For many, this can be the most stressful aspect of a move, especially since you need to ensure the safety of your belongings throughout. However, Your Best Move Fullerton is here to free you from stressing over packing and unpacking by taking over these tasks. With our professionals handling this challenge for you, your move will be smooth and your things will reach safely.
Our packing crew is well-versed in the best and safest packing methods for all kinds of moves. They are also trained to communicate with clients at all times, following their instructions on packing certain items that are priceless to them.
For residential moves as well as industrial moves, we provide a packing and unpacking service for a large variety of items, starting from furniture to machines and all the way to volatile substances. We also go the extra mile while moving offices, medical centers and hotels, ensuring that their clients’ data and information remains confidential and secured as they relocate.
We can also provide a safe environment for live animals during your move, be they livestock or pets. In fact, we are yet to meet an animal who does not like our staff. After all, we take care of their comfort and safety from the minute we load them onto our vehicles until they are finally in their new homes.
Our Packing and Unpacking Services
Our services are designed to meet the needs of those who want to pack and unpack on their own as well as clients who would rather focus on other aspects of their move. Take your pick from the following four options.
Full Packing Service
If you choose to get our full packing services, we will pack every item in every room and corner of your residence or office in the safest possible manner. We will wrap them according to their fragility and pack them in robust, secure boxes as per your directions. For added convenience, we tag the boxes we pack so that they are easy to identify once it is time to unpack them.
For packing industrial items, including machinery and fragile materials, we follow strict safety regulations and use a variety of tools that protect these items, our crew, and others in the area. Our goal is to keep our clients happy and their items secure. For more information or to discuss this option, contact us.
Partial Packing Service
We understand that many people may choose to pack their belongings themselves. This can be because they have private items they do not wish movers to see or because they would like to perfectly pack their possessions with their own hands. While we guarantee that your belongings will be packed with absolute care, we also offer our partial packing service to give you more control over the move. Through this service, we make a checklist of every item that needs to be packed and run it by you. You can then decide which items you will take care of and which our experts will back on your behalf. However, if you need any advice or help while packing your share, we are always happy assist you.
Full Unpacking Service
Opting for our comprehensive unpacking service means that we get to unpack every single box or item and put them right where you want. All you need to do is give us directions as to where to place your items and we will handle the rest ourselves.
Partial Unpacking Service
Through this service, we will unpack items which you specify and stay clear of the ones you want to unpack yourself. We collaborate with you to make a checklist of such boxes and items beforehand. That way, when it is time to unpack, the process can go very smoothly
Types of Items We Pack
Your Best Move Fullerton can pack all kinds of delicate, fragile and robust items. We have the experience to pack anything, from the most antique artifacts to huge items such as boats. The following are some of the items that we can pack and unpack efficiently to ensure their safety:
▪ Antique Artifacts
▪ Artwork
▪ Automobiles
▪ Boats
▪ Computers and other Machinery
▪ Expensive Medical Machinery
▪ Furniture
▪ Kitchen Appliances
▪ Livestock (safe and comfortable environment for travel)
▪ Pianos and other Musical Instruments

Packing Materials We Offer
Your Best Move Fullerton offers to facilitate clients who want to pack or unpack on their own during residential moves. We offer all the tools and materials required for packing (their cost is added to your final bill). As a result, you can be sure that your boxes will not give way, damaging the valuables they contain.
The following are some of the packing material we can arrange for our clients.
▪ Paper Pads
▪ Bubble Wrap
▪ Peanuts
▪ Plastic Wrap
▪ Packing Tape
▪ Boxes (Different Sizes)
▪ End Caps
▪ Corner Blocks
If you need the best packing and unpacking service before and after relocating your home, office or industry, call Your Best Move Fullerton now at +1 714 519 2480.

Full Moving Services

Your Best Move Fullerton is not your average moving company, which is we are not limited to only moving your things. We can give you an expert estimate of expenses before taking on your project and can guide you to complete all the paperwork necessary before you relocate. We give you a checklist of everything for the day of move so that no item remains behind or gets lost during your move. Moreover, we go the extra mile to satisfy our clients and maintain a strong relationship with them even after their move.
We also take our position as one of the best movers in Fullerton very seriously, which is why we offer a large range of moving services and continue expanding the list below to meet all your needs in the future.
Moving Services
We provide our services to all types of moves, be they long or short distance moves or commercial movers or residential move. Our experienced and skilled crew at Your Best Move Fullerton is known for the quality of its work and its adherence to the latest laws and guidelines. For industrial moves, we also follow all EPA and OSHA regulations. On the other hand, we ensure the security of clients’ data while moving their records and data centers, preventing prying eyes from finding their way to confidential information.
Packing Services
We offer a range of packing services to meet all clients’ requirements. If our clients want, we can pack and unpack all their belongings while ensuring their safety and security throughout. Our partial packing service covers only packing or unpacking items that you would rather not pack yourself, giving you more control over your move. In addition to full and partial packing services, we can provide our clients with packing material only so that they can pack at their own pace and confidentially. You learn about all the details of these services by checking our website page for packing services.
Unpacking Services
The perfect complement to our packing services, our unpacking services assure our clients that their possessions are in safe hands. We help our clients breathe easily once they reach their new home or offices, unpacking their belongings on their behalf without risking their damage. We will professionally unpack and unwrap your things and put them where you tell us to so that you can focus on settling in. You are welcome to hire us to unpack all your belongings fully or partially, so check our offerings on the packing services page.
Storage Facilities
Long distance relocation may mandate that your belongings be kept in a secure storage facility. To be prepared for such circumstances, we have several storage facilities under our name where we can safely keep our clients’ possessions. All those facilities are highly secure and fully insured. It is guarantees like these that make our clients the happiest in the world.
Things to Know Before Hiring Our Services
Initial Contact
If you are interested in hiring our services and would like to initiate contact with us, you have several options to avail. You can get a free immediate quote by calling us at 1-800-444-6787. To get further information and to book a move, you can call us at +1 714 519 2480. If you visit our homepage, you will find a portal where you can input the basic details of your move and have one of our experts get back to you with a quote.
After you decide to hire Your Best Move Fullerton, we will send an expert estimator to the pick-up location. Our crew member will give an estimate after thoroughly examining every relevant factor involving the move. You can discuss the services you want to hire and the all the other details during our meeting. We will then send you a checklist of items to be packed for your review. That way, we can finalize every element of the move beforehand and let you enjoy a stress-free move.
Insurance Details
We are a fully insured moving company, which is why we are a very good option business and homeowners who wish to move. We currently have the following types of insurance.
i. Materials Insurance – Our clients’ possessions are completely insured throughout the move. While we take care to ensure no damage to your belongings, accidents can happen. In case your things are accidentally damaged during the move, we will compensate you accordingly.
ii. Workers’ Insurance – At Your Best Move Fullerton, we take care of the people working for us and treat them like a family. That is why the crew in charge of helping you are fully insured in case they are harmed while working. However, they are equally trained to practice safety, so you do not have to worry.
iii. Vehicles’ Insurance – The vehicles transporting your belongings are all insured as well. That way, we can be sure that we have taken every measure in the book to protect your items and investments.
Legal Status
We are legally authorized to operate in the Fullerton area as well as within California and interstate. We believe in upholding the law, which is why we have obtained all the licensure and paperwork necessary for our type of business in Fullerton.
We are regulated by the CPUC, California Public Utilities Commission for our services, rates and safety protocols. Like all licensed moving companies, we are listed in the classified telephone directories and we a fixed license number issued by the CPUC. We also possess an updated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Registration and United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) identifier number for all the long distance moves.

Choosing Your Best Move Fullerton is your best bet as we are known for the care we show for our clients and their belongings. Avail our all-inclusive services now by visiting our home page or by calling us now at +1 714 519 2480.

Our Moving Services

Regardless of when, where and what you need to relocate, Your Best Move Fullerton is the best choice thanks to its extensive range of moving services. Trust our professional crew to make the process of moving from one place to another easy, quick and safe.
As part of our moving services, we currently offer the following in our growing list of services.
Commercial Moves
In our books, you need to be located on a commercial property for your move to be classified as a commercial move. As a result, industries, farmlands, hotels, medical centers and shops can avail this service. To deliver value for our clients and ensure the safety of their valuables, follow EPA and OSHA safety regulations as well as detailed instructions our clients provide. As a result, we minimize chances of accidents throughout the move.
Residential Moves
A residential move is any move where people change their residences. From experience, we understand that m
oving from one residential property to another is never easy. This is especially true if your family includes children or if you are attached to your soon-to-be previous residence. We can help take your anxiety away and allow you to focus on other aspects of your move by guaranteeing a relatively stress-free move.
Local Moves
Moves where your destination is within 20 miles are classified as local moves. In addition to guaranteeing the safety of your possessions during your relocation, we offer, packing, loading, unloading and unpacking services to make your move easy and quick. Contact our representatives for further details and to schedule your local move.
Long Distance Moves
Long distance moves, i.e. those required for relocating beyond 20 miles and across states, are the toughest on industries, homeowners and business alike. The amount of travel required for these increases the stress on people and business that need to relocate. Thankfully, Your Best Move Fullerton is here to move your belongings to any new pace regardless of how far it may be, and that too without risking damage to your belongings.
Office Moves
Moving an office from one place to another includes several factors. An office has items of all kinds, from the most fragile antiques or the most robust furniture. We offer to pack and transport all of these items without a scratch let alone extensive damage. We further protect the safety of your data, ensuring that no prying eyes view it while you relocate. We also believe in operating seamlessly, which is why we will always have a clear line of communication with you from the minute you hire our services until we unpack your belongings at their new destination.
Packing Services
Packing is the most hectic and time-consuming phase of any move, be it locally or across states. Your Best Move Fullerton’s packing service allows you to focus on other aspects of your preparation. We deploy the best methods that ensure the safety and integrity of your items once they are moved and unpacked. We further use the best moving supplies because it is our priority to protect the goods of our clients at all costs.
We offer full packing and unpacking services as well as partial packing and unpacking services. In addition, we supply packing materials for clients who wish to pack their belongings on their own.
Contact Your Best Move Fullerton
We invite you to browse our website and explore the wide selection of services that we provide. We cover all kinds of commercial and industrial moves including long distance moves. Navigate through our site to learn more details about our growing list of services.
Contact us now at +1 714 519 2480. You can also use the form on our home page to set a date, time and destination of your move to speed up the process. We will also provide you with a free estimate if you provide us with the details.

Office Moves

Office moves are very common for businesses and companies. In fact, they are the most common types of moves our specialists are called on to handle. What makes Your Best Move Fullerton a popular choice for offices in Fullerton is the variety of services we have to offer. Whether you are moving to a bigger or a smaller office, we will help you pack, move and even assemble and place your equipment quickly and safely.
We are experts in handling furniture, computers, records, books, and much more while guaranteeing exceptional service and care. We believe in applying the best moving and packing practices, promising value for money to all our clients. By further delivering services with a smile, we have made our way to the top of the list of moving companies in Fullerton.
Why Opt for Office Moving Services
There are numerous reasons why an office move may be necessary. Over the years, our clients chose our services because they required stress-free relocation services after the following.
Your company may have merged with another in a huge deal. As a result, you need to relocate a few things or all the equipment in your current offices to a new space . Trust Your Best Move Fullerton to help you in this regard so that your full focus remains on the business aspects of your new merger.
New Branch
When a new branch opens its doors or a division separates from the business itself, there may be a need to move a lot of items. We can handle moving your records or machinery from one place to another with ultimate care at very reasonable rates.
If your company is doing well, you may need to move to a bigger office in a much better location. To ensure that your valuable office equipment reaches its new destination safely, we offer to pack, move and deliver your items from your old office to the new one. Trust to guarantee zero hassle and stress while you relocate to your new, larger office space.
If you have endured losses in your business, forcing you to downsize until you get back on track, we can help you move into a smaller office . At Your Best Move Fullerton, we are confident of delivering only the best relocation services to businesses, so we are sure that you will call us back when you begin expanding again and need more room.
If your company has gone through a leadership change, the new leadership might want a scenery change. We can help you move your office to a new spot, ensuring that your employees focus only on being efficient and meeting the new needs of your business.
Types of Items We Handle During Office Moves
Your Best Move Fullerton will happily pack and move a variety of items no matter how fragile. The following is a list of some of the items we can help you move:
■ Hardware (including laptops, printers, servers and related devices)
■ Furniture
■ Books
■ Records
■ Electrical Appliances
■ Artwork
■ Decorative Items
■ Plants
The Cost of Office Moves at Your Best Move Fullerton
The total cost of a move may depend on a number of factors such as:
▪ Total weight of the material being moved
▪ Total number of items or the number of boxes
▪ Total distance that needs to be travelled
▪ Services being provided by us
▪ Special handling or moving methods that may take extra effort and resources
We finalize all costs beforehand and give our customers a very reasonable price, which is why our clients call us every time they need to move. Though we
charge very fair and competitive fees for all our services, our clients are free to negotiate the prices we quote . If a client has any concerns about our services, we will make sure to tend to them immediately.
The Process of Office Moves
Whenever a potential customer contacts us, either via phone or our website, we send one of experts to them to them to discuss how they want to move. After our discussion, we will give you an estimate and a checklist of how the move will go down and share the important steps that will be taken by you and our crew.
If you opt for our packing services, we will also pack everything according to your instructions. On the day of the move, we will load the items, take them to your destination and unload. We will also unpack and place the items as per your guidance to if that is part of the package you select.
Our services are among the best in the market because of the level of professionalism we ensure with every move. So if you need an affordable, cost-effective and swift office move, give Your Best Move Fullerton a call now at +1 714 519 2480.

Long Distance Moves

Relocating long distance can be the most difficult kind of move considering the amount of planning, packing and traveling involved. This is applicable to all types of moves, be they residential, office or industrial moves. The latter two are especially complex considering the need to safely handle materials and ensure the confidentiality of clients’ data on the move.

Your Best Move Fullerton promises to make relocating across long distances easy, quick and stress-free thanks to experienced professionals, top quality services and affordable rates. We prioritize our clients’ wishes and go the extra mile to ensure the safety of their possessions. Our crews have been taking on long hauls for years now, gaining ample experience to make relocating a breeze for our customers. From large items that are difficult to handle to small, fragile and old items, we pack, move and deliver all while ensuring their safety and abiding by the best moving practices.

Why Opt for Long Distance Moving Services
There can be many different reasons for a long distance move, regardless of whether it is commercial or residential. You may have been hired for a new job, decided to open a new branch at another city, or decided to move your industry to a new location that offers better opportunities and more savings.

Regardless of why you need to relocate your home, business or industry, we can help you make ths process seamless, easy and cost-effective. Our talented moving crew offers both experience and expertise in moving homes, offices and industrial properties beyond 20 miles, be it within California or beyond. We also take extra care to ensure minimal damage to your belongings, protecting them until they reach their new destination.

Moreover, we have handled the moving needs of many industries since we opened our business, which is why we are fully aware of how to ensure the safety of even the most volatile materials. Numerous farms in Fullerton have also availed our services, trusting us with moving their livestock and ensuring its comfort during the move.

Services to Avail for Long Distance Relocation

By choosing Your Best Move Fullerton, you can enjoy a wide range of services at pocket-friendly prices. As a result, relocating to your new home, office or property will no longer be a challenge.

We provide a variety of packing services that meet our clients’ needs. From full packing and unpacking services to partial services, we have it all. If you would rather pack on your own, we offer to supply you with all the packing material you will need, starting from boxes to tape.

If you need to store your belongings while you are traveling or waiting to move in, we have storage facilities that will keep your goods safe until you are ready to receive them at their new destination. Our warehouses are secure, weather-proof, and insured, so do not worry about your belongings once stored there.

As a moving company, moving is Your Best Move Fullerton’s primary service. Our long distance moving services have been praised for being highly professional, quick and cost-effective. Trust us to keep your anxiety of moving away at bay from start to finish.

The Cost of Long Distance Moves at Your Best Move Fullerton
These type of moves cost far more than a local move primarily because of the longer distance we need to travel to transport your belongings. The cost we quote further depends on a few factors such as:
▪ Weight of moving items
▪ Number of items or boxes moved
▪ Services acquired
▪ Special handling methods that may take extra resources

However, Your Best Move Fullerton promises clients the fairest of rates. We will gladly listen to your concerns if you think our rates are too high. Trust us to deliver competitive rates, though, that make our services of higher value. You are welcome to see our testimonials for more information on our performance so far.

The Process of Long Distance Moves
Long distances differ according to clients’ needs. Therefore, our service is tailor-made to meet each client’s needs and travel schedule. We send one of our experts once you decide to hire us for your move. During our meeting, we will comprehensively discuss and settle all the details of the move. Next, we will send you a checklist of items being moved and actions we need you take to make sure the transition is smooth. On the day of move, we will be constantly in touch to put you at ease and ensure the safety of your belongings. If you decide to avail our unpacking services, we can unload and also unpack your belongings.

Important Considerations Before Relocating Long Distance
Since moving to other cities and states is a very tough and complex task, you should start planning for it at least a couple of months in advance. It is always better if you do that with the help of a moving service like Your Best Move Fullerton. That way, you have a helping hand even before you actually start relocating.

Our interstate movers meet the following qualifications required for this type of moves:
■ They have valid insurance , including liability insurance, worker insurance and vehicle insurance.
■ Your interstate movers have a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Registration that they regularly update.
■ Our crew has a transport identifier from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), a document issued to moving companies so that they work within legal limits.

We urge you to plan and finalize all the details of your long distance move at least a week before you actually relocate. That way, we have time to make any changes if required.
If you need to move from one city to another or relocate from your current state, give Your Best Move Fullerton a call now at +1 714 519 2480. We guarantee you the best moving experience of your life.

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